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Please find below few key reasons why you should select Aruba over other sunny Caribbean destinations.

  1. Incredible weather
    In Aruba, the people don’t need to check the weather network to know if the weather will be good. In Aruba, “sunny and warm weather” is not news. With an average rainfall of less than 20 inches a year and an average daytime temperature of 27° Celsius, Aruba is a location completely outside the hurricane belt and is also one of the most temperate islands in the Caribbean.
  2. Aruba people are friendly
    Almost everyone who lives in Aruba is affected by tourism. You’ll find that almost everyone on the island is welcoming. The island’s motto is“One Happy Island.”
  3. Aruba has a wide selection of fine restaurants
    We do not recommend that you stay in an all-inclusive resort because you’d feel that you have to eat the resort since you paid for it. In that case, you will not be able to experience the 100+ fine restaurants on the island. In the villas, it gets better, you can cook the meal yourself and save money.
  4. Aruba has excellent health care:
    When people plan their vacation destination, an important consideration is the availability of trustworthy medical care in the event of an illness or accident. Those concerned about health issues can rest assured when considering Aruba as their vacation spot. The island is equipped with handicapped facilities and tourists have the possibility of renting a large assortment of health care products such as wheelchairs (both standard and electric) walkers, crutches, bed pans, scooters etc.
  5. Aruba Drinking Water is Safe
    Aruba has the best drinking water. Drinking water in Aruba is very hard to come by and with a growing population tourism industry that brings over 1 million people a year, it is a challenge. Aruba has the second largest saltwater desalination plant in the world and is capable of producing 11.2 million gallons of pure distilled water every day.

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